An Award Winning Writer

I got my first job in Christian publishing straight out of graduate school. I was thrilled because books have always been such a big part of my life. And it was a book—actually a series of books—that first attracted me to God.

A good friend suggested I read the Narnia Chronicles by C.S. Lewis, warning me that the story had a strong Christian theme. (Since she and I were both skeptics, she wanted to give me a heads up lest I unwittingly morphed into a Jesus freak.) I was an undergraduate at the time who was far more interested in having a good time than in going to class. But I still loved to read.

So I devoured the Narnia Chronicles and then read Lewis’ Mere Christianity. These books played a major role in my conversion. Through them I began to suspect that God was real, that he was better than I had imagined, and that he was offering me the chance to know him. With barely a scrap of faith, I prayed that he would accept my life and reveal himself to me. Since then, I have never looked back, never regretted the decision to follow Christ though it meant repenting of a whole lot of sin.

Reading Lewis’ books, which I devoured one by one, made me aware of how important the right book at the right time can be in a person’s life. That’s why I’ve always felt privileged to be involved in Christian publishing, first as an editor and now as a writer.

Someone once said that “we live by God’s surprises.” No one has been more surprised than me by how my life has unfolded. I consider it a stunning privilege to help people engage with the world’s greatest storybook—the Bible—so that they can know God better.

Another incredible surprise is that, though I am single, I became the mother to two beautiful daughters, Katie and Luci, who were both born in mainland China. Like many mothers, I have found that caring for children offers a combination of delights and challenges, the scale of which I could not have imagined. Being a mom has a way of getting me to pray, often in the same sentence, “Thank you God!” and “Help me God!”

Because I believe the best books are also honest books, I try to be real about my own struggles and challenges, realizing that if God is going to do anything with my books it will only be because he specializes in revealing himself through brokenness.

To all my readers I say thank you—thank you for not giving up when life holds more challenges than one person can handle. Thank you for pressing on in your life with God. Whether you feel strong or weak, I want you to know that I am grateful that you would join me for even a little while on this journey of faith by reading a book or a blog or by dropping me a note to tell me how you are and what God is doing in your life. For now, forever, let’s keep seeking God, holding on to him, praising him, and expecting him to reveal himself more deeply as we do.