Mothers of the Bible, A Devotional

Mothers of the Bible, A Devotional

cover of Mothers of the Bible by Ann Spangler and Jean SyswerdaChildren need the love, wisdom, and nurture that mothers are uniquely capable of giving. Mothers of the Bible can help you fulfill your own calling as a mother by offering insights from God’s Word. Exploring the lives of women in the Bible can help strengthen your faith and your effectiveness as a mother. Like you, these mothers wanted the best for their children. And like you, they sometimes faced difficulties that challenged their faith. Looking to them can help deepen your understanding of Scripture, enabling you to experience more of God’s love so you can reflect that love to your children.

Adapted from Women of the Bible, Mothers of the Bible furnishes a unique twelve-week devotional experience. Each week becomes a personal retreat focused on the life of a particular biblical mother. Designed for personal prayer and study or for use in small groups, it will help you ground your relationship with your children on God’s Word.

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